Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Progress and Things to Work On

As far as progress goes, Cadie totally gets Lets Go when we're going out the back door - we don't even have to hold the leash anymore (although I bet if we weren't around she'd forget about the special force field).  She's pretty good going into the mud room, and even the garage (though we never specifically worked on that with her).

Thank You is going well, too.  She's never been one to destroy our things (knock on wood!) and if we see her with something she shouldn't have she quietly drops it and gives us her puppy eyes. 

We do need to continue to work on not jumping and properly greeting people.  Honestly, we don't have too many people over, so we just need to set aside some time for us to practice proper greetings. 

She is really good at protecting us though - my parents came over a few days ago and she barked when their car pulled in the driveway!  As soon as we said it was ok, she calmed down. 

We're not a 24/7 tethering house anymore, but we are most of the day.  Not being tethered seems to wear her out more - even though she still chooses to sit close to us!

See you tonight! 

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