Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday January 19

No Poop in her crate!  Yay!  It's so much nicer not having to start your day by cleaning up that mess :-)

I think I had her in her crate for about 8-8.5 hours overnight, if keeping her in there too long had anything to do with her previous messes.  I don't think so though, she used to be able to handle waiting for 9-10 hours every night when I was in my first trimester and sleeping like it was my job.

So we started our day by me doing a little dance when I saw her crate was clean, and then ignoring her while I did a few things before taking her out.  We went out (practicing Let's Go) the back door - It's harder for her when she has to use the bathroom but that's primarily why we use that door, so it's good for her to get used to.  Anyway, she peed right away and then we had a busy morning - we shoveled the driveway for about an hour and then took a mile walk.  No poop yet.  We went out for another potty break a half hour after she had breakfast, and she's been passed out in her crate ever since.

I do notice that she's barking more when we put her in her crate now, especially if I go outside/downstairs.  Is that separation anxiety because she's normally used to being by my/our side?  I just let her bark it out.

Yay a mostly normal poop in the afternoon!  Followed more loose poop later in the day.  But at least it's an improvement!

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