Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lesson Three

Here's what we (Cadie and I) remember from Lesson Three:

- The Time command: say Time when they're away from you and then again when they get to you, as you touch them.  Play the hot/cold game if they go towards/away from you during their approach, using Good or Eht.

- Come is when they are sitting directly in front of you, facing you.  This typically doesn't happen very often, but we'll try to encourage it!

- Practice Let's Go on walks when we approach intersections/streets.  She's caught onto this pretty well already.

- Get her better at releasing the ball/whatever's in her mouth when we say Thank You.  Now we're at the point that when she drops something we say Thank You, but I'd like it to become something we can command and she reacts.  Also, add the hand under the chin to signal Thank You.

- Food games - she's got the 'Cadie Good' trick down, so I started adding putting them above her nose, below her nose, etc., only allowing her to take them when I say Good.  She's funny when I put them under or above her nose - she kinda backs away!  I think she likes to be able to see them. 

- Another thing we need to add is naming her jumps.  So that way it can become something we are 'commanding' and not something she's choosing.  I think this will help - it'll take a little bit for us to get used to! 

- I'm trying to get her out of the habit of destroying/munching on her leash - so when I catch her I'll shake the gum bottle (we use that instead of pennies) or do something to scare her (pound table).

- Anything else we didn't catch?

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