Monday, January 23, 2012

Poop Theory and More

Good news - no messy crates since last Wednesday!  Here's my theory - I can't remember all occasions, but I know for the last two they happened after I gave Cadie peanut butter in the Kong.  So, we've taken peanut butter and her Kong out of the toy lineup to see if it happens again.  I have a feeling it might be the leftover pb in the Kong that gets funky, but who knows. 

In other updates, Cadie's getting pretty darn good at Let's Go going out the back door and into the mud room or garage.  Yay!  If we're not near her, all bets are off, but hopefully with time it'll stick.  30 days, right??

Cadie had a busy day yesterday and was so tired that when we were watching TV, she was tethered to us, and she barked to go in her crate!  We didn't acknowledge her barking right away, but after she calmed down I let her go where she wanted to go and she walked in her crate - to get a toy, but then didn't complain when I closed the door!  She passed out shortly thereafter!

We've also been working on Thank You with her to drop whatever she has in her mouth (the ball, my shoes, something else she shouldn't have).  We say Thank You after she drops it and I think she's starting to get it! 

The jumping has decreased a bit, which is good, but we still need to work on  it.  We'll get there!

PS She was HILARIOUS in the snow!  We'd throw snowballs into big piles of snow and she'd burrow her head (and most of her body) looking for them!

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