Friday, January 27, 2012

The Latest

Cadie's been doing pretty good the last few days.  She's getting really good at Let's Go (out the back door and into the mud room, when she's on her leash and we're with her) and Thank You.  We're working on Stay with her, too, when we play catch.  We've been poopy-crate-free for over a week and we're going to stick with our peanut butter theory... no reason to test that out! 

Right now Cadie's in her crate barking because I'm in the office and Dan's upstairs working... apparently she isn't happy to be left alone when she knows we're here!  She's been barking for about a half hour, but until she calms down we're not getting her out or trying to calm her.  She will need to get used to this when the baby is here... and barking will definitely not be allowed.  She has toys in there that normally she's happy with, but I think she's just not happy to be away from our sides.  

Update, apparently the half hour mark is when she gets tired of barking.  Thank goodness!


  1. Or maybe she was just thirsty. After about 45 minutes of barking she finally calmed down and I got her out of the crate. She walked straight to her water bowl!
    But still, if we're not at home to give her water, she'll need to calm down on her own.

  2. Wow, that was tough, but good dog training, and good after-the-fact reassessment.